3 Simple Ways to Fill Your Cup

If you’re like me, your days can be jammed packed from sunrise to sunset. On most days, I am at Pure Joy Pilates starting my day by 5:30am. Therefore, by 8pm, I am running on empty and mind is thinking three things and three things only, Netflix, Wine and a soft place to land. Unfortunately, this is the time that kids are melting and the dog just peed on the carpet. So, another day goes by. Times like this we have to be intentional and find time every day to fill our cup so we can be there for the ones we love. Here are three practical ways to fill up so we stop running on empty.

  1. Wake up Early! A perfect morning for me consist of waking up before the rest of my house, pour a cup of coffee and sit in my favorite spot and read my bible. I wish I can say that this happens every day, but sadly, it doesn’t. Sometimes my body needs the extra 20 minutes of sleep, but let me tell you friends, that quiet, alone time first thing in the morning is a game changer! It gives me time to process my day ahead and get perspective on how I want the day to go.

  2. Meditate! You don’t need a thing to meditate except for a quiet space. And studies have shown the even 5 minutes of meditation can improve your mood, energy level and brain function. Don’t know where to start? There’s an app for that.

  3. Take a walk! Its amazing what fresh air can do for the mind and body. The benefits of a daily walk are endless. It can change your mood, increase your energy, curb your appetite….the list goes on and on. Just tie your shoes and go!

My challenge for you, take one of these simple ways to fill your cup and practice it every day for the next five days. No doubt, it will be a game changer!

Post #1 - Outside my comfort zone

Welcome to my first official Blog post! I’m told that the more you blog, the easier it gets….let’s hope! I’ve been wanting to start a blog ever since I started Pure Joy Pilates to provide at home workouts, encouragement and advice. So now, two years later, I feel it’s time….even though it’s still out of my comfort zone.

The past two years have flown by! I have learned so much by running my own business and I am beyond grateful for every client who walk through the doors! My hopes for Pure Joy Pilates is to offer a space that builds community and strength. A place where you walk away feeling better that when you walked in. A place where you feel encouraged, loved and accomplished. For those of you who are reading this, you have had some part of making Pure Joy Pilates what it is….and for that, THANK YOU!!!!!